7 Steps to Feeling Younger

We have all remember the young age of where we feel so much energy. Where we felt like we could do anything! Though we can’t hop in a time machine and relive those times there are some simple steps to where you can revisit that feeling. And on your next birthday you feel like you’ve [...]

Tips For Looking Good At The Beach

Spring is just around the corner for us. After trying to stay warm and staying inside it’ll soon be time to take those vacations and get outside and soak up some sun. But translating from winter to spring might be a little hard or embarrassing for some people. So here are some tips to help [...]

Protein: The Best and The Worst

There are many types of protein out there, different flavors, bars, powders, or pre-made shakes. Big time companies always want you to buy their product because they say its “The Best” or “The Newest.” This doesn’t always mean that it’s the best possible protein that you can buy. So I’m here to break it down [...]

The Benefits of Winter Sports

Instead of sitting on the couch during the dragging winter months, brave the cold while building your muscle mass, endurance, and balance.  Here are a few popular winter activities that are beneficial, healthy, and lots of fun!   Cross-Country Skiing Long distance skiing is a very physical activity, burning the more calories than most physical [...]

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